A listening circle to lean into,
a sacred intimate space to witness and acknowledge your inner landscape and to feel the potency of being truly heard.

Are you sensing the collective energetic acceleration of shifts and growth?

Do you feel an awakening of conscious energy inside of you?

ListenIn is a listening circle to explore, unpack and express all that lives inside of you.

Honouring the ebbs and flow and leaning into the magic of being with what is.

There is no curriculum, homework or required action.

This listening circle will bring the gift of witnessing, intention and belonging through the activity of presence.

Your true essence can relax here into its deep resonance, rhythm and radiance.

Take up your space in this circle if you are feeling into a new way of relating with your world and longing for a space to open your soul and offer this new way an avenue to be fully expressed and embraced.

Ongoing Online Listening Circle

A space where your cyclical nature is nourished!

ListenIN is a community to learn, explore and give permission to your creative juices, your internal landscape and yoyo mojo.

Do life, business, creative ventures and yourself alongside a community of fellow soul and heart lead folk who will encourage you to value, witness and expand your truest nature into your everyday daily life journey.

The name of the game is deep listening to yourself and to each other - leading with compassion, fun and connection in order to be more present, intimate and integrated in your daily life!

  • 1x Monthly Group Zoom Call

  • 1 x weekly LIVE masterclass

  • Private FB Group



When you listen to your soul you awaken

your way of living, you move through the world with the

ease of leaves dancing in the wind!

Welcoming you to the gift of ListenIn



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