Where conscious parenting and conscious business intersect

9 month immersion

An immersive coaching experience to move…
  • From concept to creation
  • From expectation to expansion
  • From perfection to possibility
  • From guilt to permission

The Light Room

Are you stationary at the intersection of conscious parenting and conscious business – are you ready to gain momentum and feel both areas can actually sustain, nourish and nurture one another?

In THE LIGHT ROOM we move away from perfection and potential and practice being in the possibility of the present moment.

Through playing within presence, perspective and possibility you can powerfully and naturally nurture yourself while nurturing your family, your partnerships and your business.

  • IN THE LIGHT ROOM there is continuity of care, support, connection and reflection.
  • It is a space to plug into permission to be more of you as you move through embracing daily life.
  • Walk alongside other mothers prioritising their passion projects whilst staying present to the fullness and importance of caring, providing, nurturing and growing their families.
  • Experiment with all the ideas you want to grow and finally claim that soul biz you feel you have been told you have no time or space for.
  • Create your own narrative and belief system.
  • Know what your needs and priorities are to create a daily life that feels good.
  • Be held and witnessed by a Coach that is living and moving through the realities of growing a thriving biz alongside prioritising being fully present for her family.

The LIGHT ROOM is an intentional space to consistently practice lightness, ease and flow as your business grows organically alongside everything else that matters most to you.


Come and Immerse yourself in THE LIGHT ROOM if you are…

  • Uncertain how to bring your voice, flavour and essence to your social media presence
  • Nervous or confused about sharing your opinions, your passion and what lights you up in a more visible and personal way.
  • You wonder if what you have to share even has any importance
  • You simply want to gain traction and clarity without having to carve out or create more time away your home life?
  • You flourish amongst a circle of women who are committed to contribution, connection and true expression
  • You believe in the power of having someone reflect back your magic to you and consistently remind you of your why and your message as you go through your day-to-day life.
  • You have a pull to create new family and business paradigms and narratives that are outside of the societal coercion and authoritarian model, but this can sometimes feel lonely, confusing, frustrating and uncertain, especially when your partner parents differently.


In The Light Room you…

  • Build your own belief system around what is possible for you in creating an income, a loving parenting partnership and being a present mother.
  • Feel nourished, resourced and LIGHT as you create your own resonant narrative and strategy around what is possible when nourishing a family alongside your vision.
  • Move that idea, project or Biz – allowing it to gestate and birth while feeling aligned, nourished and supported in your family life.


The light room is your soul sustenance.

The Light Room

IN A NUTSHELL during the 9 months together you will..

  • Feel like you are showing up to your life, your partnership, motherhood and your business wholeheartedly, joyfully and fully resourced.
  • Sustain your energy, your patience, your inspiration and your presence as a Mother, partner and creative.
  • Free yourself of guilt whilst prioritising your desire to grow a business alongside nurturing your partnership and your kids.
  • No longer feel drained and endlessly negotiate for time and space to devote to your dreams or wait for everything to be perfect with all your ducks in a row to take imperfect action.
  • Stop waiting for your partner or family to be on board and simply start creating a daily rhythm that grows your business and ideas with ease, flow, confidence and lightness!

(Note to self: your partner and family members are likely not the people you are here to serve in your biz anyway, right?! Give yourself the permission to gift your medicine to the people who need it rather than trying to prove yourself endlessly to those who don’t need to understand what you are up to in the world!)

In The Light Room you claim your own personal path, strategy, creative process so you no longer get overwhelmed by the unpredictable family chaos and requiring the perfect environment to be inspired to create.


THE LIGHT ROOM – Where conscious parenting and conscious business intersect.

A treasure trove of wisdom, insight, intuition and love. I’ve worked with many coaches, but none like Callie Brown. Her greatest gift is to expertly identify the areas for personal growth with precision accuracy, no airy fairy stuff, lots of practical ideas and ‘how to’. And I know she is right there beside me every step of the way. Callie gives her all. She is a gift to all women, no matter where we are at in our personal evolution. There is no recommendation high enough for this beautiful, caring and intuitive soul. Cal, I love you to bits, you are the (queen) bees knees. – Kate Barnes, Health Coach


  • Monthly 1:1 coaching call
  • Monthly Zoom group calls
  • 1:1 Voxer messenger coaching
  • Private FB GROUP
The light room February 1st – November 1st 2021



9 payments of $380


Full payment $3,300


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What to expect inside THE LIGHT ROOM interior?

For those who like to lean into an OVERVIEW, FRAMEWORK, DESIGN or to get a feel for the TRIMESTERS.

We will be playing and co-creating in building the integration and personal flow of your business growth alongside your growing family through PRESENCE, PERSPECTIVE and POSSIBILTY.

Month 1-3
PLANTING presence, perspective and possibility
Month 4-6
TENDING to presence, perspective and possibility
Month 7-9
HARVESTING and reaping the rewards of planting and tending to your presence, perspective and possibility.


So simple, yet so powerful. Being in circle, with the pure intention to witness & to be witnessed – Humans NEED this. To share this experience with Callie, who is a magical facilitator, and an outstanding woman, has been priceless. Callie has an incredible ability to create spaces that allow you to feel safe, to show up & share being your most vulnerable, real & authentic self. If you haven’t worked with Callie before, please do yourself a favour and click ‘sign up now’. You will be so grateful you did! – Taryn Gaudin Women’s Physiotherapist and Body Conscious Guide


LIMITED SPACES IN THE LIGHT ROOM – I would utterly love to immerse in the lightness of all that is possible for you when you are truly present to your LIFE!