The Corner


You have found your way here because….

You long for more depth and breadth of conversation and connection.
You wish to be truly heard, held and valued as you process your inner world in real time.

#TheCorner is 90 days of nurturing and reflection with an intimate circle of women online – a sacred and safe container for you to lean into through the rhythm of daily life
– an intentional space to unpack, unfurl and understand yourself better.

Feel the impact and nourishment of being surrounded by a conscious community, a group of cheerleaders who have your back and hold you in your most alive and true essence.

Finally an intentional container to release and express tension, irritation and confusion, #TheCorner will welcome all of you with acknowledgment, love and lightness.

A few of the plethora of gifts you will receive from your investment in self…

    • Intimate listening and conscious reflection of who you be.
    • Feeling held, heard and valued as you move through your day to day life.
    • A gaining and harnessing of your wisdom, understanding and clarity amidst life’s transitions and challenges.
    • A sense of belonging and community as you grow your relationship to self and to the life you are building.
    • A dynamic, loving and safe container.
    • A space to place your thoughts, make sense of things and lean into.

So many possibilities unfold within 90 days of conscious and intentional sharing.


      • 90 days
      • 3 x ZOOM listening Circles
      • Group Voxer voice coaching throughout
Next round kicks off on the 8th August 2022

Limited spaces available to keep it an intimate and deeply connected circle.

You will co-create a magic and meaningful corner of your world to surrender into the age-old benefit of a loving and compassionate support circle.

It’s the nourishment and connection you’ve been yearning for!