A 3 month expansion journey

What is it?

• 2 x 1hr monthly clarity sessions = 6 sessions!
• Session notes
• Voice messenger coaching support throughout

Who is it for?

• You want consistency
• You desire sustainable growth and shifts
• You want to connect to and discover who you are NOW
• You want accountability
• You want a sacred and safe space to unpack and unfold what is swimming around inside your mind
• You feel disconnected from what you want
• You want to feel heard and valued
• You want to close that gap from wanting it to living it!

Why 3 months?

Sustainable change and tangible shifts require time and an energetic investment/intention.

Like physically working out at a gym requires a regular committed exercise program to see and feel the results – soul work needs the same conscious commitment and energetic intention.

3 months expanding and unfolding your inner world, so you can see, feel and integrate your findings. Moving with heart inspired action that creates your most fulfilling life!

Let’s get to work!


3 payments of $380AUD



$1,100 AUD

REMEMBER – It’s your life and you can choose how you live it!

It would be an absolute privilege to witness your expansion.

Huge Love
Cal x