Hi Lovely!

I am Callie Brown – Mama of two earth angels, Wife, Clarity Coach, Twin, Writer, Speaker and Life Enthusiast.

My Story….

I have been chasing a sense of clarity for a long as I can remember!

As a child I was labeled the one who always wanted to be the “centre of attention”.

My Parents were in the Entertainment Industry and at the age of 6 I eagerly started 20 years of a professional career in TV, Film and Musical Theatre.

As I grew up I started to observe a common trend amongst professional performers – the sense of self respect, inner worthiness and talent affirmation was high when employed and then took a significant dip between paying gigs – and realistically there can be some time that passes between jobs!

I was paid to be vulnerable, to access and express my emotions and to keep my voice, body and appearance in peak condition in an Industry where I personally didn’t nurture, value, acknowledge or respect my wholeness.

I loved the craft, but lost my sense of joy, play and self worth amongst the pressures and intensity of the Arts Industry.

The absence of joy led me to work with my first Life Coach in 2009.

My mind, heart and soul were officially blown open, as we uncovered and revealed my first taste of valuing myself outside of “just being an Actor”.

My WHY…..

This began my love affair with the coaching space and my revelation that CONNECTION and EXPRESSION are at the CORE of my BEING.

CONNECTION was at the heart of my performing life and is now my motivation for being a coach – it’s that yearning we all have to truly feel SEEN, HEARD and VALUED for all that we are.

My younger self just wanted the gift of another’s “centred attention” rather then to be the “centre of attention!”


ALL OF YOU, all of your experiences and all of your feelings are the puzzle pieces that create clarity.

Clarity isn’t a destination it is a feeling.

The feeling of ease, flow and inspiration that comes from knowing and leaning into who you are, what you want and why!

I feel so joyful and alive in my work – I want every SOUL to open to CLARITY and to simply live a life that FEELS GOOD, ALIGNED and FULFILLING!

What matters most to me;

CONNECTION (to self, to nature, to culture, to creativity and to others)

MOVEMENT (Dancing, Yoga, Walking)

NOURISHMENT (Cooking, holistic health support, nature, growing our own food, making conscious choices)

COMMUNITY (Family, friends, clients, building a tribe of like minded souls locally, globally and online)

EXPRESSION (Writing, speaking, singing and consciously modelling healthy human expression to the next generation)

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