A listening circle to lean into,
a sacred intimate space to witness and acknowledge your inner landscape and to feel the potency of being truly heard.

Are you sensing the collective energetic acceleration of shifts and growth?

Do you feel an awakening of conscious energy inside of you?

ListenIn is a listening circle to explore, unpack and express all that lives inside of you.

Honouring the ebbs and flow and leaning into the magic of being with what is.

There is no curriculum, homework or required action.

This listening circle will bring the gift of witnessing, intention and belonging through the activity of presence.

Your true essence can relax here into its deep resonance, rhythm and radiance.

Take up your space in this circle if you are feeling into a new way of relating with your world and longing for a space to open your soul and offer this new way an avenue to be fully expressed and embraced.

Limited Sacred Spaces Available


  • You know you have something inside of you to share but no idea what that is
  • You know that connection and expression free you up to be truly present in your daily life!
  • You know that conscious sharing opens a deeper relationship with yourself and your truth.
  • You are over building, creating and making life/business and your spiritual development work.
  • You are doing the work and what you desire is to co-create and connect with others who get it.
  • You want a intimate platform that isn’t as public as social media to lean into knowing and articulating your your knowing, to then share it out there with ease, meaning and aligned purpose.

Lean in to ListenIn

Start October 1st!



12 Weeks of Listening

  • 2 x monthly Listening Circles
    (Using ZOOM- an online conference call platform)
    During these calls we listen to each other share and hold sacred space for exploration, expression and connection.
  • FB group to continue the opportunity to share, to be witnessed and heard in between our live calls.
  • Voxer Messenger support through the 12 weeks.
  • Making it completely accessible at $147AUD a month.



ADD ON 2 x 1:1 Clarity Jam Sessions for $222AUD

Expand the experience with the option to up-level the listening power and work 1:1 with me for 2 x 60 minute clarity sessions - one at the beginning and one at the end of the 12 week journey!


I am so deeply excited about this circle and the amazing humans it is calling in!

My genius and my gift is to witness, reflect and articulate back to you your natural nature!

Create space to connect to your energy, the potency and purity of your core and the divine truth of your essence!

During this 12 weeks you will awaken, arouse and remember your truth and allow it to expand and permeate your world.


All you need is you and to be witnessed in that.

Let’s together ignite the YOU that lives waiting to be embraced, acknowledged and expressed - the tool is REVERENT LISTENING the OUTCOME is REVEALING YOU.

Moment by moment you will lean into experiencing and articulating your ever expansive magic, your natural rhythm and the truth of your core, so you can journey your awakening with a sense of ease, belonging and joy!

We want to hear what you have to say.

Take up the space and ListenIn.

When you listen to your soul you awaken

your way of living, you move through the world with the

ease of leaves dancing in the wind!

Welcoming you to the gift of ListenIn