1:1 Clarity Jam Session


What is it?

This is one hour of clarity coaching where we both show up 100% for YOU!

What’s it give you?

  • Conscious connection to awaken and ignite a felt sense of who you are and who you are becoming
  • Feel dynamically seen, heard and valued in a language you truly resonant with.
  • Finally feel you can articulate clearly all that is swimming around continuously inside of you!
  • Feel like you know thyself and that you have a strong and clear image of the person you are committed to becoming.
  • Feel fucking fantastic about the human being you have become
  • Have tangible heart led and soul motivated direction
  • Feel vibrant and fulfilled in your own unique skin

This is a power hour ZOOM call that is all about YOU!

Let’s do this!


$287 AUD

  • One hour 1:1 ZOOM call Sessions recording
  • Detailed session notes
  • 30-minute check in session 2 weeks later
  • 2 weeks Voice Messenger coaching