Hey Soulie!

Imagine an intimate online circle committed to supporting each other to flourish.



+ Feeling overwhelmed, disconnected, uninspired?

+ to feel seen, heard and valued?
+ to know and feel you are moving consciously toward what you want?
+ to grow feeling a sense of belonging, ease and joy?
+ to clearly connect, express and create momentum with your heart and soul message?


Rather then DISCOVER your PURPOSE, this is a CIRCLE to uncover YOU, the YOU that feels FULFILLED, ALIGNED and VALUABLE!

If you need clarity in your life & biz, you NEED Callie – full stop, just do it!!I’ve had the absolute honour of working 1:1 with Cal & she COMPLETELY changed the way I see myself, she could SEE & HEAR exactly who I am even though all I could offer her was a jumbled mess of an explanation of who I am & my dreams & a whole bunch of half sentences with a “do you know what I mean?” attached to the end on the stuff I thought I was clear on.Callie listened, like REALLY listened to what I was verbally, physically & energetically showing her. She took all of me in & then relaid back to me EXACTLY who I can feel I am but was never able to articulate.She is crazy amazing!!Callie will CONNECT to your soul, she sees you & then shows you your value with the most perfect & poetic words that bring you CLARITY on who you are & what you do & then the CONFIDENCE to be more of YOU! I have no doubt her circle will be absolute MAGIC, so join already. Forever grateful.
Paula Ivy – The Image Therapist (Social media photographic genius) https://paulaivy.com/

Do you…

  • have a message to share
  • have an inner critic that is running the show
  • want to make an income in a non traditional way
  • have a million inspired ideas but you’re not moving on them
  • yearn to make a contribution and a difference by doing something you love
  • want to live your life your way and have it feel fun, playful and aligned

What is a Clarity Circle?

  • At its core Clarity Circle is about Connection!
  • A 3 month discovery circle to uncover your inner yearnings and give them focused attention, support and direction!
  • Callie’s GENIUS is channeling and reflecting others GENIUS!
  • Reflection and connection to your own unique brilliance.
  • Together we will polish your unique gem so you can clearly sense, see and feel the impact you already make.

You are Invaluable

Do you know how Invaluable you are?


Do you want to connect to your inner most value and get clear on how you share this with the world?

When you are INline with your VALUE, you are capable of MAGIC.

Align within the Clarity Circle for 3 months of discovery, connection, accountability, creativity and clarity.

Together we will create deep soul clarity and heart inspired direction.

Disclaimer: There can be some indirect abdominal strengthening throughout the 3 months journey due to constant belly laughter and full bodied fun that is shared!

Stop yearning and get your passion burning!




Clarity Circle will help you connect to

  • Self
  • Message
  • Direction
  • Inspiration
  • Online presence
  • Vision
  • Community
  • Courage

3 months of discovery, connection, accountability, creativity and clarity.

Working with Callie has been nothing short of magic. She has an amazing ability to effortlessly hold space for women to tap into their divine essence, clearing road blocks and allowing their true nature to shine through. I was blown away after a single session & couldn’t have imagined how it could get any better than that. But the layers continued to be shed & more and more of my souls purpose was revealed.
Callie has given me the gift of being able to step up & into my true calling all whilst providing a solid road map for embodying what that is and how I share it with the world. My heart is full & I’m beyond grateful for her presence.”
Kate Payne – Yoga therapist, co-founder at Yoga Mamas www.katepayne.com.au


How will Clarity Circle benefit me?

  • Deeper understanding of who you are and what you want
  • Discover a soul filled definition of your message and be able to articulate it
  • Be inspired by a like minded community that support your growth
  • Heart inspired action that feels easy and fulfilling
  • A sense of belonging
  • Feel connected to what really matters to you
  • Focused time for YOU and your passion projects
  • Uncover a personal process that creates sustainable momentum toward your vision
  • Own your value and worth in your life and work

What to expect

The intention is to; ALIGN, DESIGN, REFINE, DEFINE

The Flavor of each month;

(A group focus)

CONNECT (month 1)

Connection to self and creating a solid circle connection.
Set your personal intention and unfold to your unique heart and soul’s message and mission. Ignite your natural nature and core rhythm!

REFLECT (month 2)

Reflecting on your WHY, on what matters most to you. Integrating ways to embrace all of YOU with love and acceptance- so you can radiate your unique essence out into the world unapologetically.

DIRECT (month 3)

Then with your conscious clarity and a connected sense of self we support one another to co-create and articulate a direction and movement that feels aligned, exciting and impactful!

Creating momentum that is sustainable and inspires you to expand into the next half of 2020 and beyond!

Clarity Circle is for you if

  • Seeking connection, accountability and growth.
  • You value living a life that feels alive and passion filled
  • You know that expressing yourself, sharing and being heard are essential to your self development journey
  • You are yearning for clarity, direction, ease and joy
  • You learn and thrive when part of a group
  • You are tingling with knowingness that this circle holds the clarity you desire

Clarity Circle is likely not right for you if

  • You want to be hand feed a one size fits all formula
  • You aren’t interested in group support
  • Doing inner work doesn’t resonate with you
  • You’re not ready to stretch and expand
  • Working with me does not feel like a big fat YES

The details..

  • Weekly FB LIVES exploring the week focus
  • 2 x Monthly Live Group Zoom Calls
  • Access to a private FB community
  • Voxer messaging coaching between calls


1 x $978 payment



3 x $333 payments

Monthly Payment